Mayor Ford and his wife
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Mayor Rob Ford Speaks at the Podium at the City Hall with his wife standing by his side.

Renata Ford stood silently at the mayor's side on Thursday as Mayor Ford denounced the latest allegations against him, and then apologized for using vulgar language earlier in the day.

The Mayor was referring to a vulgar comment he had made that morning about female genitalia and his sex life with his wife of 13 years.

During a press conference that took place at the Mayor's protocol lounge on Thursday afternoon, Mayor Ford explained that accusations of cocaine and escort use had pushed him "over the line." 

At the press conference, Ford apologized, but quickly switched to attack mode. He said, "I used unforgivable language and again, I apologize."

 Ford said, "These allegations are 100 percent lies. When you attack my integrity as a father and as a husband, I see red."

Mayor Rob Ford said, he was receiving support from a team of health-care professionals, but refused to elaborate on the kind of support.

Ford further request that reporters respect his family's privacy, and not to drag his wife through this television drama.

Renata Ford allowed the photographers to take her pictures while she was being escorted to her car by two of Ford's staff but she refused to comment on the brewing scandal.

When asked if her husband should step aside, Renata replied, "No..that's why we have elections."

In addition to this, Renata said, "I think my husband said already enough, please respect our privacy. We want some privacy."