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20 Tips For Improvement As You Live Paycheck to Paycheck.

Changing Your Outlook Can Change Your Life.

Your outlook plays a huge role in any effort you make to improve your circumstances.

By taking these tips to heart, you can look forward to better finances and better days ahead.

Here are 20 tips that can help you as you live paycheck to paycheck:

1. Redefine wants and needs - make a list.

2. Create a written monthly budget and stick to it.

3. Commit to living debt free.

4. Start saving small amounts.

5. Determine and implement ways to increase your income.

6. Acquire new skills in areas that can make you money.

7. For new skills, visit iTunes U for thousands of free college courses, lectures, and instructional videos.

8. Read books to help you develop your interests and skills, and to give you inspiration.

9. Don't give or throw stuff away that you can trade or sell (clothes, DVDs, equipment etc.).

10. If you have an extra room in your home, rent it out.

11. Buy in bulk, do the coupon thing, shop discounts and in discount stores.

12. Buy ahead of needs; take advantage of end-of-season sales for big savings.

13. Put your tax return into savings.

14. Drink more water and buy less pop and coffee.

 15. Shop yard sale.

16. Barter services with friends and/or neighbors.

17. Grow your own food if you can.

18. Pass out fliers in wealthy neighborhoods offering services, e.g. yard cleaning.

19. Don't make impulse purchases.

20. Find a hairstylist to do your family's hair in exchange for services you can supply, e.g. housecleaning.

Set attainable goals and work to fulfill them. Your situation may not change overnight, but if you're determined, it's sure to change in time.

To quote Albert Einstein, "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."