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Penny stocks are shares that trade from a fraction of a penny to $5. They are usually (but not necessarily) trade for low valuations (P/E) and has great volatility and carry more risk. 

Penny stocks have the potential to give exceptional returns in a very short time for those daring, high-risk taking, knowledgeable and well-informed traders.

Being lesser in prices than the regular stocks, it provides the investor with an opportunity to own them with ease. 

Penny stocks, unlike the other stocks, are traded in the over-the-counter market and not in a stock exchange.

If you are looking for unbiased, small cap stock picks with and penny stock trading ideas, look no further. 

Free Flow Income website will assist you to find small-cap stocks and penny stocks to trade whether you are a trader or an investor.

Here are Lists of Hot 10 Small Caps and Penny Stocks with Options (Derivatives) that could earn you top $s!

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc (SIRI)               $3.71 - $3.75        
over 30 million volume

Zalicus Inc (ZLCS)                               $1.3 - $1.45          
over 17 million volume

Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc (ARIA)            $2.57-$2.61          
over 13 million volume

Zinga Inc (ZNGA)                                 $3.43-$3.52            
over 11 million volume

Dryships Inc (DRYS)                              $3.16 - $3.19           
over 10 million volume

Sanofi Inc (GCVRZ)                               $0.69-$0.76            
approx. 7 million volume

Dynavax Technologies CP (DVAX)            $1.21-$1.22           
over 5 million volume

Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc (NWBO)    $4.43 - $4.97          
over 5 million volume

Freeseas Inc (FREE)                               $0.295-$0.3285      
approx. 4 million volume

Velti PLC (VELT)                                     $0.1251-$0.1394   
approx. 4 million volume