Mayor Ford and Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly
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Toronto Deputy Mayor is concerned about Rob Ford's Problem.
After meeting with Ford on Saturday, Norm Kelly said that the Mayor will make announcement on his weekly Radio show on Sunday.
The meeting between the Mayor and his deputy took place at Scarborough Civic Centre for about one hour on Saturday but they did not disclose what was discussed at the meeting. Kelly signifies he was satisfied with the outcome.
The deputy Mayor had been looking for the right opportunity to convey the message of some concerned Council members to the Mayor after police said they have recovered an alleged video that appears to show the mayor smoking crack cocaine.
Earlier on Saturday 2, Ford stopped by at the City Hall and told the reporters that he is not going anywhere. As he enters an elevator, he said, "I told you before, I am not resigning." 
Ford has been facing this controversy since May when a U.S. website Gawker and the Toronto Star reported that some of their staff members have been shown a video in which the mayor had appeared to be smoking out of a glass crack pipe.
Ford has previously denied the allegation by saying he does not use crack cocaine and that the video does not exist.
Group of Councillors got together including Speaker Frances Nunziata and five members of Mayor Ford's executive, held a series of closed-door meetings Friday to say they have very serious concerns with recent information concerning the mayor.
Deputy Mayor Kelly told a group of reporters,  "I'm hoping upon reflection that he will make the right decision," but he refused to comment on what he thinks the right decision should be.