Mayor Ford said he will not resign
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Despite Revelation, Will Rob Ford Remain Mayor of Toronto?
Yes! Rob Ford clearly stated, "I have no reason to resign" despite calls from several councilors for him to resign.
According to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, a councilor or mayor's seat would become vacant if they were convicted of a criminal offense and was in prison because of the sentence.
There is no way to remove Mayor Rob Ford from office unless he was convicted of a criminal offence, says Linda Jeffrey, the Ontario Municipal Affairs Minister. On Thursday, she added, "There is nothing we can do at this point, the province has no power to remove anybody." She described Ford's revelation as troubling.
However, Provincial law does not allow a person who is in prison to hold a seat on a municipal office.
A conviction would make it difficult for a person to register to run, even if the the person is not jailed. The Municipal Election Act says anyone who is incarcerated cannot be a voter in a municipal election, Linda said.
Premier Kathleen Wynne has previously said that the on-going controversies around Ford were a distraction. Despite revelations with Mayor Ford's investigation by Toronto police over involvement with alleged drug dealer, the Ontario government will not act before a criminal conviction.
After the release of court documents on the dealings of Alexandro Lisi, Premier Wynne was asked whether the provincial government would intervene. The Premier replied, "I'm not going to weigh into an area where I just don't know what the issues are going to be." "It's for the police to deal with." "I really don't have a comment on what has been released today. It's up to the justice system to deal with these issues."
So far, Toronto Police Chief Blair said, "There is nothing in the video that would allow police to form reasonable grounds to lay a criminal charge against Rob Ford.