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Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair have recovered the Video.
"I have no reason to resign," Ford says.
Bill Blair confirmed the task force has a video that the news alleged appears to show Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine. The video was recovered during the investigation launched to investigate allegations about the Mayor Ford that resulted in the arrest of drug dealer Alexandro Sandro Lisi.
Alexandro Sandro Lisi headed to court Friday morning on an extortion charge that may give the public its best shot at seeing the infamous Rob Ford CRACK VIDEO.
The Police Chief announced Thursday that the force recovered the video from a hard drive seized in the Project Traveler guns-and-drugs investigation on June 13.
The police technicians recovered the video after it had been deleted from a hard drive and gave it to investigators on October 29. Because of this, Alexandro Lisi was charged with extortion.
Bill Blair said Rob Ford appeared in the video and it is consistent with the media reports. The video shows that the mayor was impaired, smoking what appears to be crack cocaine.
In addition to this, Blair said there are several video files relevant to this investigation, and two videos that are particularly relevant.
Furthermore, Blair said the video will be submitted to the court as evidence, and will become part of the public record. The media could then request copies. On the other hand, if Lisi pleads guilty before evidence is introduced, the video may not be made public.
Police Chief Bill Blair's announcement came right after the court released partially redacted documents pertaining to Alexandro Lisi's arrest for drug trafficking on October 1.
According to the documents released on orders of Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer, Ford himself have been the target of a police investigation that witnessed and photographed him in months of on-the-ground and airplane surveillance taking part in meetings with Lisi.
The document show that police tailed Rob Ford and that he called and met with Lisi often. police observed Lisi passing plastic bags and envelopes to Ford. Ford did not make any comment on the new relationship with Lisi other than saying that he has no reason to resign.
Ford says, "I wish I could defend myself, unfortunately I can't because it's before the courts right now." Ford has since May refused to comment on the video. He said, "the video that I have never seen or does not exist."