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Question of the Day: Why Don't Companies advertise on Homeless People?


Callum Linley, an 18-year-old reader from Melbourne, Australia, writes to say:

So why aren't there be companies lining up to advertise on homeless people?

My guess is it's an image problem - not wanting to be associated with the "failure" of being homeless. But wouldn't that be compensated by the fact you could put forward the idea that you are a socially responsible and sympathetic company who cares for the less fortunate? 

Well, the world already has given us Bumvertising and homeless people as wi-fi hotspots, and I wouldn't be surprised if homeless advertising has shown up on TV (hey Simpsons and Family Guy and South Park fans etc., let us know). But how would you answer Callum's question? Doesn't it fall into the category of :

  1. Questions that are so obvious that they don't need an answer; or
  2. Questions that should be asked more often, but aren't; or
  3. Something else entirely.