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How to Place Your Order.
Two Common Type of Orders are:
  • Market Order - stock is bought or sold at the latest price
  • Limit Order - Setting a limit price you are willing to buy or sell at. The order will expire at the end of the trading day, or at a specify time if not fill.

Method of Payment:

1. You can use money from your cash account to pay for entire transaction.

2. You can buy on Margin, meaning you are borrowing money to buy the stock.

3. You can do a short sale, meaning you are selling a stock that you don't own. This type of transaction is very risky.
How Do You Know Your Order Is Filled?
When your order is filled, your broker sends message via email, phone or fax to give confirmation of: 
  •  What you bought or sold
  • The price you paid
  • The commission you paid

When the transaction is complete, your investment firm will either take or credit you account based on the nature and amount of transaction.