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Many factors that can cause stock prices to rise or fall are due to specific news about a company such as accounting errors and scandals and other factors listed below:  
Company News and Performance

1. Listen to the News on earnings
2. Check whether the company pays dividend
3. Check for takeover announcements
4. Change in managements
5. Is there any scandals?
6. Announcement of New products
7. Are they laying off employees
Industry Performance - The market conditions generally affect the companies in the same industry the same way. But sometimes the stock price of a company will benefit from a piece of bad news for its competitor if the companies are competing for the same market, example is the price of BlackBerry vs Apple stock price.
Investor Sentiment - Also know as investor confidence, this can cause the market to go up or down, which can cause stock prices to rise of fall. The general directions that the Major Averages take can affect the value of stock.
The Market generally moves in two directions:
  • Bull Market - Is a strong stock market where stock prices are rising and investor confidence is growing.   
  •  Bear Market - Is a weak market where stock prices are falling and investor confidence is fading. It often happens when an economy is in recession and unemployment is high.
     Economic Factors - These economic news released the government weekly include interest rates, Economic outlook, inflation, deflation, economic and political shocks, changes in economic policy, and value of the Canadian dollar.